About Our Head Trainer

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Ali Barros is a professional equestrian athlete that trains her horses and students at an elite farm in Morriston, Florida. She has been in the hunter/jumper industry for the past twenty years as a rider, groom, working student, and trainer. Her diverse background in horse care management gives her insight on maintaining top level horses.

Barros is proudly an active professional in good standing with United States Equestrian Federation (USEF), United States Hunter Jumper Association (USHJA) - Zone 4, Retired Racehorse Project (RRP), and lifelong member of West Tennessee Hunter Jumper Association (WTHJA).

She serves on USHJA’s Horse and Rider Advocate Committee Board as the youngest board member. In addition, she has passed her USEF background check and completed her Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Education training via USEF. She is currently enrolled in USHJA's Instructor Credential Certification program.

Barros Sporthorses, LLC offers training to motivated juniors and adults with previous riding experience. She also offers a comprehensive horsemanship and groom training service for horse lovers looking to expand their knowledge out of the saddle. For those with their own farm and horses, Ali travels to teach and ride within thirty minutes of HITS Ocala. 

Morriston, FL Lesson Program & Training Pricing

Ali offers weekly lessons for those with previous experience. You must be able to walk, trot, and canter off of a lunge line and be at least 14 years of age or older. We provide safe and fun mounts for teens and adults. Showing opportunities available for those interested, but NOT required. We have multiple GGT arenas with jumps, grass show jumping field, 110 acres of maintained farmland, and bridle path trails on site. 

Lesson Pricing

1 hour lesson at Diasti Stables - $65 (45 mins in the saddle, 15 mins horsemanship/prep. Horse provided)

Private or group lesson at your farm - $50/hour (Within 20 miles of HITS Ocala)

Horses and tack provided when lessoning at Diasti. Must bring your own helmet, boots, and protective vest (if needed). Helmets are to be worn any time you are in the saddle, no exceptions. You may bring your own saddle, and will be used only if it fits the horse. 

Training Ride Pricing 

Training Ride at Diasti Stables - $40/horse for those in our full care board program

Training Ride at your farm - $50/horse (Within 20 miles of HITS Ocala. Multi-horse discount available for 2+ horses)

Consultation & Coaching Pricing

Horse Sale Scouting in Ocala - $125 per three hours

Ocala Horse Show Coaching - $75/day for unrated shows, $125/day for rated shows

Pro Ride at Horse Show - $65/horse

Lease Program

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Junior Lease Program:

For those 18 years of age and younger, Barros Sporthorses offers a progressive new program to provide excellence in equitation and hunter training. This is a monthly subscription service that provides two day a week training and showing opportunities for junior equestrians interested in the 2'6" or 3' equitation, hunters, or jumpers. Only those with previous equestrian experience are eligible for this program. Pricing below valid through 8/2023.

Monthly Subscription: $675/mo includes: two lessons per week (one flat and one over fences), one hack per week, one unmounted horsemanship lesson bi-weekly, and two virtual check-in meetings per month to discuss goals via Zoom. Showing opportunities available at an additional cost. 

Adult Lease Program:

Although you may no longer be able to show as a junior the learning never stops! We have safe and fun mounts for any age to enjoy. 

Monthly Subscription: $600/mo includes: two lesson days per week (one flat and one over fences), one unmounted horsemanship per month, one trail ride per month, and one virtual check-in meeting per month to discuss goals via Zoom. Showing opportunities available at an additional cost. 

Working Student Position

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For those without the financial backing to progress in the equestrian industry, Barros Sporthorses offers a wonderful working student position. This is a hardworking individual who is seeking riding opportunities. Working students will be responsible for show grooming, hacking, cooling out, grooming, hand walking, wrapping, ect.

This opportunity is available to those 18 years of age or older. College students may also apply. Please send a riding resume and video to barrossporthorses@gmail.com for consideration. This is an unpaid position at home and a paid position at local horse shows. College credit is offered when applicable. 

MUST BE based in Ocala for consideration. We require four hours of barn chores a week in exchange for one lesson and one hack per week. 

Horsemanship Program

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Are you a horse lover looking to gain more knowledge about your favorite animal? Ali offers one hour private or group unmounted horsemanship classes. This class is for those wishing to learn about general horsemanship, competitions, health and fitness of horse and rider, feeding routines, and training of both horse and rider. No previous grooming or riding experience needed. 

$50 per class (1 hour class) in Ocala, Florida 

Book your session here: Horsemanship Sessions

Where we #RideAboveExpectations 

In our opinion, the sport of equestrianism is not for the faint of heart. In order to become the best rider and horseman you can be you must be willing to put in the work in and out of the saddle. We believe in having a balanced life therefore encourage our riders to seek other hobbies and interests outside of the barn. As part of our junior equitation program, we encourage our riders to take one ballet class or dressage lesson per month to enhance posture and balance. Those who come to us past their junior career, we recommend taking yoga or barre classes to help with strength and conditioning. 

We believe in creating passionate horsemen with the desire to succeed. We offer mentorship to those seeking college scholarships in NCAA or ISHA equestrian.

Although we dedicate our lives to our horses, we do not require students to compete or jump. We do require a love and compassion for our horses and farm. Poor horsemanship or sportsmanship will result in a termination from our program.   

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Inquires: Ali Barros can be reached at 774-291-1055 on text or WhatsApp and via e-mail at barrossporthorses@gmail.com

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